Networking Over a Hot Stove

I was cooking dinner for the kids tonight while trying to reach a new contact on the phone. I didn’t reach her, but I had a brainstorm at that moment: Networking can be done anywhere, even over a frying pan full of breaded chicken.

Jobseekers, you can do the same. Make sure you have a voice—and more importantly an ear—on the following:

  • Facebook: Mostly for friends, but make sure your online presence is clean.
  • Twitter: See who you can help; don’t always make it about you.
  • LinkedIn: Build your profile, but also answer questions and join groups.
  • Feel free to check out Digg, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites.
  • Amazon: Create a book list to recommend to others in your field—you’re an expert!
  • Blog: Tell the world what you know and how you came to know it.
  • Pick up the phone: That’s not an online phenomenon, but you’d be surprised how much people like to talk about themselves, and they just might help you out. Be respectful of their time and set an appointment—I spoke with an amazing coach today for an hour because I set up an appointment last week.

Because I reached out, I have met some amazing people. Not all of these will drive my business into double-digit returns, but the goodwill these folks have shown me is invaluable. If anyone out there needs a sounding board, you can find me these ways: @InscribeExpress (Twitter), Amy L. Adler (LinkedIn),, , and most importantly, by phone.

Contact Inscribe / Express for a no-obligation resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn assessment, or visit for more information.

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