Indispensability + Findability = Employability: Three Steps to Proving You’re the Best Hire

The keys to solving the perpetual riddle of staying employed, staying challenged, and growing in your current position so you can get your next fabulous role are in this formula:

Indispensability + Findability = Employability

First, you need to demonstrate your indispensability to the hiring manager who is looking for her next best placement. You do this in several ways. You prove in your LinkedIn profile and your other social media presences that you’re the only one who can solve that hiring manager’s pain—and you can do it starting Monday. Once you’ve hooked your savvy online recruiter or hiring manager with your amazing online presence, be sure to carry that indispensability factor into your resume.

Your indispensability strategy for today:

Describe your challenges, the actions you took to resolve them, and the results for you, your company, or your customers.

Second, prove your findablity. You might be the best person for the role, but if the recruiter or hiring manager can’t find you via your LinkedIn profile or your online presence, you might as well not be looking for work. You simply won’t ever get onto the radar of the recruiters and hiring managers you’re trying to attract.

Your findability strategy for today:

Look at job postings for positions you are interested in. Find the keywords that best depict your skills and experience. Use these in your headline and throughout the body of your online profile (and your resume, too).

Third, be employable. Prove to your current manager every day, in every way, that you are the right person for the job you already have. Don’t give in to disillusionment and add yourself to the 10% of the workforce that is currently unemployed by losing hope and not giving 100% of your skills and expertise.

Your employability strategy for today:

Continue to build your skill set. Say “yes” to a challenging project. Agree to manage a difficult client. Attend a continuing education course. The skills you build today will serve your current resume and your future hiring manager.

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Amy L. Adler is the president and founder of Inscribe / Express, a resume and career documentation company focusing on the health care and information technology industries. She prepares resumes, cover letters, post-interview thank you letters, executive profiles, and other critical career documents on behalf of clients at all levels of employment. Credentialed as a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Amy has earned a Master of Business Administration in Information Technology and Strategic Management as well as a Master of Arts in Publishing. Contact Amy at (801) 810-JOBS or

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