6 Techniques for Finding Superior Sample Resumes and Sample Cover Letters

Sample Resumes and Cover Letters That Got the Interviews

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Ever wonder why it’s so difficult to find good sample resumes and sample cover letters out there on the Internet? Do a Google search, and you’ll get millions of options. How do you know that the site you’re viewing can actually help you get the interview you need for the job you want?

A good sample resume has 3 critical elements:

  1. It’s a real resume with noncritical details anonymized for the sake of the actual job seeker’s privacy. A real resume that got a real interview has inherent credibility and value.
  2. The resume was written by an industry expert. Check the writer’s credentials for certifications, experience, and track record. Especially look at the person’s testimonials and success stories—mine, for example, are all real quotes from satisfied job seeking clients.
  3. A successful sample resume follows industry standards. By ensuring that the resume follows the Indispensability + Findability = Employability equation, you can be confident that your resume will be human-readable and machine-readable. Your human audience needs to understand your goals and intentions for your new position. Searchers on corporate applicant tracking systems, into which you upload your resume and cover letter, need to be able to find your resume easily among the thousands stored there.

A good sample cover letter also follows 3 essential requirements:

  1. Once again, a superior cover letter sample is a real document (anonymized for privacy). You’ll note that it matches the sample resume to which it is attached. They will form a complete package that addresses the (very real) hiring manager’s (very specific) needs.
  2. A great sample cover letter shows you how to address the job target and job description. By using language that the hiring manager expects to see, this letter addresses specific points related to the job target, showing that the applicant is competent, skilled, and knowledgeable.
  3. Last, a cover letter after which you can model your own sounds like the person for whom it was written. When you model your cover letter (or resume) after a sample you read, you should use language that sounds like you, not like the person about whom it was written. Furthermore, just as a good sample resume and cover letter go together in style and format, you should ensure that your resume and cover letter feel like they match in the same way.

Sample Resumes and Cover Letters That Got the Interviews

These 6 points having been made, I am proud to announce the publication of Sample Resumes and Cover Letters That Got the Interviews. I encourage you to download this f*ree publication, which I created especially for job seekers who need to see how successful career documentation is created and presented.

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      admin says:

      I’m happy to help you. If you send me your email address, I can send you some samples of my work. If you happen to be at a Barnes and Noble, check out Gallery of Best Cover Letters, by David Noble. It just came out, and it publishes some of my cover letters and resumes. Feel free to give me a call if you have questions.



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