“What Job Should I Have?”: Picking Your Career as You Enter the Job Market

Announcing the publication of Resumes and Cover Letters Easy Strategies that Work Utah Edition.


Job Seekers Need This Career Guidance

I have almost finished your ebook and I think it is really helpful in walking a person through the sometimes overwhelming thought process of what you want to do for a living.—JB, Salt Lake City region, in career transition

Perhaps you’ve been working for several years—even decades, and you’ve come to a point where you just don’t know what direction you want your career to take. Your education and early job roles have prepared you only so much, and you might be thinking you’ve reached a dead end—or that you have so many options you are having trouble focusing. You are probably spending a fair amount of time thinking about the career ladder you’ve been climbing, its next obvious rung, and your personal expectations of yourself. But there might be this voice in your head that keeps asking, “What job should I have? What is the right job for me?”

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On the other hand, if you’re just starting your career, you might be asking yourself, “What job should I have?” You might have studied a long time for a particular career but not know exactly what to do with your education. Or, you might be choosing to work for a while until you feel prepared to return to school to refine your job search goals.

Either way, I have developed a series of tools to help you target your job search so that the answer becomes less complex, and reaching your goals becomes much easier. In fact, once you determine your job search goals, you’ll see that with a properly constructed resume and cover letter, you’ll start seeing invitations for the interviews you need. In the end, doing a bit of strategic work up front sets the stage for a smooth ride into your next job.

I am proud to announce the recent publication of Resumes and Cover Letters Easy Strategies that Work Utah Edition. This exclusive resource provides readers with the right strategies and guidance to help them refine their career search, using tools easily available on the Internet. When a job seeker follows the advice provided in the workbook, he or she can feed that information back into the job search so that the answer to the eternal question of “What job should I have?” becomes easy to figure out and even easier to target in an actual job search campaign.

In addition, Resumes and Cover Letters Easy Strategies that Work Utah Edition delivers 150+ Utah Companies You Didn’t Know Were Hiring, which is the only resource of its kind. This resource provides links to Utah’s top 150+ employers’ career sites—so you can take the results of your efforts derived from the workbook and start applying for your dream job today!

Order your copy of this invaluable workbook for $19.95 (plus Utah state sales tax, if applicable), and get 150+ Utah Companies You Didn’t Know Were Hiring as a gift from me. I know you’ll put this resource to good use—and you’ll use it to get the job you should have!

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