How to Avoid Job Search-Killing Frustration

How to Avoid Job Search-Killing Frustration

Frustration is anger plus disappointment that results from a perceived lack of control. If you’re frustrated in your executive job search, it means that you think hiring executives hold all the cards–and you have nothing but a list of open positions and an executive resume.

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Focus your job search, eliminate frustration, and find success.

So it’s no wonder that armed with only these two tools you feel jaded, cynical, angry, or frustrated about your executive job search. When you do something once or twice or three times in your life, you’re not likely to know the ropes let alone be an expert. Here are some tips on how to avoid Sisyphean but certainly avoidable job-search frustration.

To eliminate your frustration, cut out the practices that result in anger and disappointment and replace them with high-impact strategies.

Identify your unique brand and deliver the same message consistently

Stop all job search activity until you’ve figured this one out. You need to identify what you want the world to know about you as an executive, so you can promote your message clearly, confidently, and consistently. Wavering on the presentation of your brand will confuse and frustrate your audience, resulting in their lack of interest in your experience.

Stop looking on job boards

How much time do you spend looking on the Internet for job postings? How many job postings that were right for you did you find in all of that searching? Of those few you found, how many of your applications resulted in interviews? Maybe some, but was your result enough to justify your effort?

Rewrite your LinkedIn profile

If you’re not getting profile views or connections from your LinkedIn profile, it’s not working for you. Recraft your LinkedIn profile according to your brand to include searchable, long-tail phrases that will attract the right audience for your unique executive job search.

Revise your resume

Eliminate all versions of your resume but one, and focus it on your unique brand and proven expertise. Don’t confuse your audience with multiple flavors of your experience.

Apply only for positions that are right for you

There are only a certain number of jobs that are right for you. The number is certainly less than the dozens or perhaps hundreds that you’ve applied to in the past. Paradoxically, if you focus on the very few positions that are 100% right (or nearly so) for you, you’ll experience a greater return on your effort. Don’t waste time spreading your resume around for positions in companies that don’t meet your discerning criteria.

Start getting interviews

The more you hone your branded message, and the more you eliminate the noise, the more likely your specific audience will recognize you for the one or two things for which you need to be recognized. With more effort on the front end, the execution becomes much easier and more fruitful. In fact, your frustration with your executive job search is likely to diminish because you’ll start seeing a great deal more reward for the powerful effort you’ll be putting into your executive job search.

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