5 Tips to Update Your Entrepreneur Resume for Executive Jobs

5 Tips to Update Your Entrepreneur Resume for Executive Jobs

Let’s face it. In the entrepreneurial space: No guts, no glory. So what happens when you find yourself considering moving into the corporate world after a few years–or even a few decades. What do you need to include on your resume to bring it up to date historically and strategically? Strategies for resume writing have changed dramatically since you last looked for a job. Thus, the resume that got you your first position is not likely going to support your latest job search. Read on for 5 key tips to update your entrepreneur resume for the executive job you want.

1. Don’t write an “objective statement.”

8 ball

Feeling behind the 8-ball about your entrepreneur resume? Use these tips to ace your job search!

As a job seeker, you’re at somewhat of a disadvantage in the power structure between you and your future hiring manager, so now is not the time to demand anything of someone whose support you need very badly. Replace this objective statement with a powerful description of your entrepreneurial / professional brand. Make your reader want to meet you, the wise, experienced entrepreneur.

2. Don’t hold yourself to the one-page rule for your entrepreneur resume.

If you have been working for 20 years, much of those in senior positions, you’re going to have good stories to tell. Amplify those accomplishments, and feel confident that two or even three pages is acceptable for resume length now, as long as you use your resume real estate wisely.

3. Eliminate the line that tells your reader that references are available on request.

Your future hiring leader knows this–all good candidates have a list of people on whom they can call to vouch for their professional excellence. Having references is a given, so use your resume real estate to promote your expertise instead. Remember to print out a list of your references on a separate page, however, so you can offer it during an interview.

4. Don’t worry about your formal education–or lack of it.

If you chose the entrepreneurship route rather than pursuit of higher education, stop worrying about its absence on your resume. You can’t change the past, and you don’t have to. Your experience, properly conveyed on paper with strong accomplishment statements about your expertise, will tell a much better story. Certainly, if it’s always been your lifelong goal to complete college, don’t let time stand in your way. But know that your resume will soar when you describe the amazing work you’ve done as a successful entrepreneur.

5. Brush up your word processing skills to create your new resume.

If you’re not sure how to use Word, which is the word processing gold standard, take a community education class–or hire a virtual assistant to do the typing. Alternatively, hire a professional resume writer to write a strategic document from scratch, according to the current best practices that will get your entrepreneur resume noticed.

If you have questions about how to prepare your resume for entrepreneurs, call Five Strengths.


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