Stop! You Do Not Need an Executive Resume to Start Your Executive Job Search

Stop! You Do Not Need an Executive Resume to Start Your Executive Job Search

If you are ready to make an executive job change, then STOP before writing your executive resume. You do not need it, not yet. Certainly, you will find dozens of so-called resume writers willing to take on your executive resume writing project. However, if neither you nor the resume writer have the insight to realize that the problem is not your resume, you are going to be sorely disappointed with the outcome. In fact, if your resume writer suggests that you are not ready to have your resume prepared, you should listen. Read on to learn why you need to stop right now and evaluate your executive job search strategy before you have your executive resume prepared.

I Need a Resume, Right Now!

You need a resume, right? Yes, likely; and when you are ready to write one, make sure you hire an expert, certified resume writer. Do not skimp on that important investment. But before you commit to paper the thoughts in your head, take a step back and evaluate these three important questions:

Have You Hit the Wall? Stop Before Your Write Your Executive Resume.

Have You Hit the Wall? Stop Before Your Write Your Executive Resume.

1. What do you want to do next?
2. Does your future goal look like your recent career history?
3. Does your future goal look like your distant career history?

If you do not know the answer to any of these questions, you are not ready to write your executive resume. In fact, a smart resume writer will tell you that you are probably about five to eight weeks away from being ready to have your executive resume prepared by an expert.

If I Am Not Writing My Resume, What Do for the Next Five to Eight Weeks?

If you could not give a solid answer to the questions I posed about your career goals and how they relate to your future job targets, you need to stop focusing on what your resume could potentially say and start thinking about your career goals from the inside out. For this, you need an expert executive career coach.

Your Executive Career Coach Will Lead the Way

If you realize that you have hit a wall in your executive career search and do not have a good sense of what your career goals should be, an executive career coach can walk you through a highly customized yet planful process that helps you figure this out. On the front end, you will explore a variety of career paths and talk to the right people who can inform your career search.

Your Executive Resume Writer Will Follow Your New Focus

While you evaluate your options in a fairly safe environment and feed that information back into your strategy, you can start to think about the future shape of your executive resume. By the five- to eight-week point, you will see the result of your work and a natural progression that funnels into the resume writing process. You will also see that you have tremendous work yet to do, so you will want to stick with the plan your executive career coach and resume writer have established for you and let them walk the path with you to your success!

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