Cracking the Office Dress Code

Cracking the Office Dress Code: Interviews, Office Wear, and Looking Your Best

Recently, I visited a very professional company. Imagine the reception I would have received if I showed up in jeans! Have you ever felt underdressed and unprepared for your job or your interview? Don’t make this mistake in your job, and certainly don’t make this mistake in your interview.

For great tips on mastering the perfect interview or professional ensemble, take a look at this infographic, which lays it all out for you. Dressing confidently for your job or your job interview can make the difference in the way you present yourself, so knowing the right way to dress professionally can improve your self-presentation, which, of course, can make all the difference in your interview.



No matter the work environment or situation, whether you plan to master the upcoming interview, apply for that recent promotion, or uphold your professional image, T.M.Lewin has a range of men’s shirts, sharp suits, and classic women’s wear for today’s driven workforce.

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