Don’t Rank Me in The 5 Best Resume Services in Salt Lake City, UT

I’m not happy to have been ranked in The 5 Best Resume Services in Salt Lake City, UT. In saying this, I don’t mean I don’t wish to serve my community or the executive job seekers in it in the best way possible.

Saying you’re the #1 in a list you create is like being the kid on the playground seesaw who always has to be “up.”

Fake Find My Profession Reviews Are No Honor

However, I just learned today that I have received the dubious honor of being reviewed in The 5 Best Resume Services in Salt Lake City, UT, by a resume writing competitor who ranks himself the #1 resume writer in 50+ United States geographies. Mike Podesto of Find My Profession is a thorn in the side of a very serious and profoundly dedicated resume writing industry. Mike Podesto at Find My Profession reviews resume writers by region, including Salt Lake City, UT, and routinely places himself first in every category. I don’t know Mr. Podesto, but I am confident he’s not in my region (he’s in the Denver area). I have no idea if he’s a great executive resume writer, but he clearly thinks he is. In any case, ranking oneself first against a pantheon of experts is the height of hubris, and any experienced resume writer can tease apart baseless boasting from profound expertise in an instant.

Thus, Mike Podesto reviews resume writers–like he reviews Five Strengths Career Transition Experts–because he doesn’t know anything about my work yet isn’t afraid to comment on my professionalism. He also trolls my esteemed resume writing colleagues.

If you are a resume writer who thinks that you’ve been honored, this is a fake top-10 list for resume writers, and you’ll always find Find My Profession at #1, whether it’s Salt Lake City or any other city you can name, or any resume writing specialization. If you are a job seeker looking for top resume writing talent, I hope that my reputation will precede me and that you’ll call me–or any of the resume writers dedicated to their craft whom I’m proud to call friends–at any time.

If you have hired me, you know my dedication to my craft and my clients. I am confident that my expertise and experience serves the hundreds of clients who have hired me in every way. If you and I have not met, let me briefly state that I am a Certified Master Resume Writer, MBA (Boston College), and have worked in editorial management and writing for 28 years. I’ve won #1 and #3 Best Executive Resume Writer in the global TORI Awards (Toast of the Resume Industry, sponsored by Career Directors International), and I currently serve as a judge in this esteemed annual competition. I’ve paid my dues, and I’ve earned my street cred, which means everything in this industry.

Therefore, again, I’m not thrilled to be compared to Find My Profession through Mike Podesto’s dubious reviews of Five Strengths Career Transition Experts in my home market of Salt Lake City, UT—nor, I imagine, would my very fine local colleagues want to be compared to him, either. He’s made an unsavory name for himself by slamming businesses and expert resume writing colleagues he doesn’t know through false rank lists and outright fabrications. In fact, I’ve never seen him at a resume writing industry conference, participated on an industry committee with him, or even exchanged ideas with him informally as I do often with my resume writing colleagues across the United States. Clearly, his chief offering to job seekers is his ability to write articles that uniformly rank his own business #1 in the top 5 resume writers in Salt Lake City, UT, and across the country.

Update into the Deceitful and Threatening Practices of Find My Profession: March 23, 2019

On March 23, 2019, I received the following message through the contact form on my website:

I am shocked that Mr. Podesto is threatening me and my livelihood with extortion-like messages such as this one. I hope his inspiration to blog about Five Strengths Career Transition Experts adequately represents my passion for my clients, my love for the resume writing industry, my two-plus decades of experience in the editorial business (starting before he was born), and my two graduate degrees (MBA in strategic management and MA in book publishing).

Footnote: I checked on an IP locator website, and the IP address stated on the upper-right of this screenshot is centered on Parker, CO, where Find My Profession is headquartered.

Update into the Investigation of Find My Profession: March 25, 2019

  1. It has come to my attention that as of 3/20/2019 the Colorado Better Business Bureau has investigated Mr. Podesto and Find My Profession and put him on alert for subverting the BBB Code of Advertising. See the full BBB alert for Find My Profession here: and here for the main Better Business Bureau review of Find My Profession.

2. Read here for an additional analysis of the BBB’s censure of Find My Profession and the many credible services that have severed ties with it.

3. Read here for my assessment of the 10 Best Executive Resume Writing Services list that seems to be making the rounds–and why you need to be your own adjudicator of what is best for you.

4. As of 4/2/2019, the Better Business Bureau again censured Find My Profession, whose leader Mike Podesto had not yet complied with its advertising practices.

5. Also on 4/2/2019 my fine and very credible executive resume writing colleague, Wendi Weiner, Esq.,  served Mike Podesto with a lawsuit seeking compensation for his maltreatment of her brand.

June 2019 Updates: The Fraud Continues

6. Updated 6/13/2019: Apparently, while telling the world he’s #1 in Paris, Singapore, and every city in the US, the individual in question has questioned the value of The National Resume Writers’ Association, the only nonprofit in the resume writing industry. One of my colleagues details the importance of being part of the major organizations in the industry (I’m a longstanding member of three of the four and have volunteered extensively with each) and cautions her readers not to confuse self-congratulatory top-10 lists with the collegiality and support of professional organizations.

7. Updated 6/26/2019: Thanks to my colleague for posting his reaction to this perpetrated fraud in the resume industry.

8. Yet another resume writer responded to Find My Profession fake reviews in May 2019.

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