Courageous Career Change: Fearlessly Earn the Executive Role You Deserve

Hello, my friends. I wanted to pop in for a minute to tell you what has been going on since I last posted an episode of The Job Search Podcast. Actually, it’s been a busy, crazy time. We’ve all learned the modern definition of “quarantine,” and despite the havoc COVID has wrought on every single one of our lives, I hope that everyone listening is doing well and thriving.Courageous Career Change: Fearlessly Earn the Executive Role You Deserve

The truth from the careers space is that we’ve all seen the impacts of COVID on our job markets. We saw unemployment numbers surge, and it seems like we will never see equilibrium again.

In fact, I get asked about this all the time—what are people doing in the time of COVID to rescue their jobs, or sometimes even their careers. I’ve spoken people who have been fired and furloughed, redeployed in new roles, and people who have put their entire divisions, including themselves, completely to bed. The commitment of these leaders, many of whom have engaged me, is awful in the truest sense of the word. They, and the many people who are fighting this pandemic on its myriad front lines, are my heroes.

Over the last year or so, I’ve added what I can to the mix. A colleague and I held a 5-session job club for people impacted by COVID. If that’s of interest to you, message me, and we can start one for your company, too. I wrote resumes furiously for people moving onto different roles, and I saw a lot of people successfully land in new companies, often in elevated positions. I also watched the numbers of this, The Job Search Podcast, grow and grow, and I received a whole slew of calls from people who listened in and took me at my word to call me. I think I shocked one caller, who was utterly surprised that I answered the phone myself. But that is what I do, so you can dial me up, too, at 801-810-5627. I look forward to answering your call and to learning your career story.

The biggest thing I did over the last year was to publish a book, now available on Amazon. It’s called Courageous Career Change: Fearlessly Earn the Executive Role You Deserve. The feedback I have received since it published in early November 2020 has been phenomenal. To my delight, the book took off and hit #1 in Kindle’s Job Hunting category in its first week, and remained in the top 10 for a while, too. You can check out Courageous Career Change: Fearlessly Earn the Executive Role You Deserve on Kindle and in print on Amazon now.

Let me share the introduction with you now:

To misquote Simon and Garfunkel’s “Kodachrome,” I don’t remember a lot of what I learned in high school. Significantly, however, I do remember learning of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—it’s a concept that has always resonated with me.

Briefly, Maslow showed that at the most basic level, we need food, clothing, shelter, and all the fundamental things that enable our bodies to survive. At the highest level, we self-actualize or reach our full potential. In the realm of your executive career, your joy in your work is your self-actualization.

We are at our best when we love what we do; that should come as no surprise. I’m sure there have been many moments in your career that sparked a smile on your face, not to mention accolades from your team or boss. In aggregate, that’s your personal definition of career-related joy.

The harder questions are these: How do you make those moments happen more often and more predictably? And what do you do when they don’t happen at all?

This book will guide you through the maze that is your executive career change, providing tips and tactics to secure an interview for a role in your ideal company. We’ll explore how to write a professional, polished, and winning resume and cover letter; how to form productive networks that get results; and how to use processes and resources to propel you successfully and joyfully into the next phase of your career.

That’s from page 1 of the book. With a foreword by renowned fintech executive  Victor Ingalls, and 14 chapters dedicated to your career change, this book offers a comprehensive approach to fighting your fear, getting out of your own way, and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and into job search excellence.

Even if your career path has led as far as the C-suite, you might worry about your next career move. With the right preparation, you absolutely can overcome your fears and launch a successful executive job search.

Courageous Career Change provides the exact steps you need to

  • Turn your job search fear into courage
  • Recognize the importance of your accomplishments
  • Market your compelling value to your next hiring team.

If you are an executive seeking the next step in your career, then this book is for you. It empowers you to overcome your job search fears, then guides you to craft your complete career portfolio—executive resume, cover letter, captivating LinkedIn profile, and executive biography. Not stopping there, I enumerate my best strategies for you to use these tools to succeed in your executive job search.

Unlike a typical how-to job search book, this volume shifts your thinking from stress to success, structuring concrete steps to achieve your ideal job search goals. Courageous Career Change synthesizes the best of my decade-plus experience motivating executives into purposeful career transformation.

So here’s what I want you to do: First, get your copy of Courageous Career Change. Read it, then call me or email me to tell me what you think of the strategies. Here’s a hint: If you love The Job Search Podcast, you will love this book.

Buy now: Courageous Career Change now available