Ghosting in the Executive Job Market Stinks

Yet It’s Provocatively Prevalent

Senior-level jobseekers know the value recruiters can bring to a candidate’s relationship with a company. So, when a recruiter invites you to an interview and then disappears, what does that reveal about the company’s values and brand?

Unfortunately, I recently heard from someone I know who experienced this very thing – not once, but twice. The recruiter reached out to her and then bailed on the interview (one didn’t show up, one simply neglected to set up a time, despite an email exchange around exactly that). My first thought was that these companies did not deserve her talent. I wondered– is being ghosted twice merely a coincidence? I thought maybe so, until recently it also happened to me. Of course, this was surprising on multiple levels; I’m an executive resume writer with a committed book of business I love, and don’t usually get inquiries for permanent positions.

Getting ghosted in your job search? You’re not alone.

But, now I can say that I’ve witnessed firsthand how exasperating this can be for my executive clients. Sometimes it feels like the entire system is stacked against you, especially when you have decades of work experience at the senior level. Nevertheless, compromising your brand standards is not an option.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that companies striving to cultivate a positive employer brand do not engage in ghosting. Respectful communication should always take precedence in any professional relationship, even if it doesn’t culminate in a job offer or a new position.

In conclusion, to all the job seekers out there, especially those at the executive level or on their way up the ladder, remember your worth. Don’t let poor company behavior, including ghosting, shatter your self-assurance. Uphold your standards, and no matter how a company portrays its values to you, you should never compromise your brand.