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How to Effectively Use Recruiters in Your Job Search

So you’ve decided to jump into the job search along with the thousands of others out there. The job market is clearly flooded with job seekers, and your best bet to stay afloat might be to use a recruiter. After all, they’re the ones who have solid relationships with the hiring managers and can provide […]

IT Waves Goodbye to the Cover Letter

There are plenty of resources out there for job seekers that spout the continued importance of cover letters. However, this continues to be a widely debated subject. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer from the people who matter to you the job seeker; that is, hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource departments. That […]

Soft Skills—The New Hard Skills?

Do Resume Writers Need to Unlearn Conventional Wisdom? Imagine my surprise while perusing a recent copy of Newsweek, when I read an article called “Does the World Still Have Talent?” http://www.newsweek.com/2010/05/27/does-the-world-still-have-talent.html. Most of the article reflected the idea that with the tremendous unemployment currently plaguing our economy, companies are still having huge problems recruiting the […]