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What’s a Resume For?

Take thirty seconds to brainstorm the answer to this question: What is a resume for? Possible answers: Demonstrate your skills. Give a hiring manager a reason to pay you some attention. Encourage a recruiter to put you in his database of potential candidates. Show what an outstanding employee you are. Demonstrate your achievements. List your […]

Guerrilla Resumes: Cons Versus Hiring a Pro

I remember first hearing about Jay Conrad Levinson in May 1993, when I attended the American Bookseller’s Association convention in Miami. He was a big speaker, and the buzz was that he had the line on new marketing techniques that would revolutionize the way businesses thought about promotions and new prospects. Levinson has since expanded […]

You Don’t Know What You Know About Yourself: How a Professional Resume Writer Asks the Right Questions

A Professional Resume Writer is Your Guide When you meet your resume writer for the first time, you can expect a bit of an introduction, some small talk, some discussion about the process. You’ll mention your industry and your current job. Clearly, your resume writer doesn’t know you, and you might actually be worried about […]