Executive Identity & Bespoke Career Portfolio Solution

Unlock Your Executive Potential: Elevate Your Career Narrative

As a distinguished leader rising to the pinnacle of your industry, you recognize the power of strategic vision and precision execution. Your journey has been marked by unwavering dedication, unshakable expertise, and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities. Now, it is time to ensure your career narrative resonates with the same level of distinction and sophistication.

The Executive Identity & Bespoke Career Portfolio Solution

This approach to career portfolio development is not merely enhancement; this is a deconstruction and re-architecture of your career history matched to your executive goals, meticulously crafted to reflect your profound impact and leadership legacy. This elite program is designed exclusively for current C-Suite and aspiring CXOs.

Presenting Your CXO Leadership: A Career Portfolio Approach

Your career growth demands a strong network and a career marketing portfolio that reveals the layers and successes of your trajectory. Your experiences might be in companies large or small, public or private, operational or growth stage, established or startup—or over time a diverse combination of these. You might also have—or seek to have—an independent consultancy. Your career portfolio should speak to all of these, bolstering your unique approach to the career marketplace.

Your Team: Award-Winning Executive Resume Writers

In a partnership unique to the executive resume writing industry, Amy L. Adler and Julio Mesa will serve as your seasoned guides. They will illuminate the nuances of your story into a series of masterfully crafted documents that, together, affirm your executive leadership and set the stage for peer C-suite leaders to understand your past contributions and future potential. Together, you will explore your career history via deep and broad interview-based information gathering. As the orchestrators of your career story, Amy and Julio curate these sessions to refine your story’s authenticity and depth to create a career portfolio with the types of textual and visual impact that have won 9 Toast of the Resume Industry Awards.

Comprehensive Career History Exploration: Revealing and Recrafting Your Executive Journey

We understand that your career has dozens of pivots and successes. Learning about each of those is the heart of our engagement. We will take this deep dive into your career with you. Together, we will uncover the moments, strategic decisions, and transformative successes that reveal the layers of your professional journey.

The process demands dedication, introspection, and a willingness to evolve, and virtually every executive with whom we have worked has described their journey as transformative and illuminating—with the resulting career narrative worth the challenges of capturing every detail.

Program Deliverables: Your Bespoke Executive Career Portfolio

At the completion of this program, you will own the following, all crafted with the expertise of two industry leaders, all with exceptional production values:

  • Executive Resume—A traditional resume developed with the Five Strengths approach
  • Networking Resume—A one-page narrative with visuals that illuminate your career history and strengths
  • Complete LinkedIn Profile Development—An aligned retelling of your career story specifically for the LinkedIn platform
  • Targeted Cover Letter—A opportunity to introduce you and your executive resume that speaks directly to the needs of a specific audience
  • Executive Biography—A one-page career history suitable for emailed introductions or presentation pitches
  • References strategy, references sheet—An opportunity to present the advocacy of your inner circle
  • Interview follow-up letter—A recognition that the interview is by far not the end of the process

How to Engage in the Executive Identity & Bespoke Career Portfolio Solution

To learn more about the ways we work together, set up an introductory conversation at https://fivestrengths.com/meet15, during which we will explore your interest in this elite service.

To engage today and secure your first two interview sessions, complete your investment of $5250. Note: We currently have a waiting list, and engagement activations (including selection of times/dates for live interviews) are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Elevate Your Narrative. Illuminate Your Legacy.

Bespoke Executive Career Strategy
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