Cover Letter Writing

Pair your executive resume with a cover letter that introduces you, your experience, and what you contribute to your company and industry. Your cover letter is an advertisement for your resume, designed to encourage executives to want to read more, learn more, and ultimately pick up the phone and call you for the right interview.

The Cover Letter Is Essential to Your Pitch

So many will say that in the age of social media that the cover letter has outlived its prime. In fact, this is not true. A cover letter pitches your expertise in a way that your resume cannot. It’s a well-crafted, tailored narrative about why they should read more about your executive leadership.

Never Send a Bare Resume

Yes, when we write your executive resume, it will be well-written, focused, and targeted to your unique executive career goals. But sent alone, it is an imposition on—even a demand to—your future hiring executive. Without a cover letter, you’re petitioning your audience to figure out where you belong in their hierarchy. Instead, position your exceptional expertise in a cover letter that adds to your brand and invites your hiring executive to read your cover letter.

Respond to Requests for Your Resume Quickly

Not sure what to send when a request for your resume or a new connection comes in? Your cover letter suite comes in three versions and will prepare you for all opportunities: One for direct applications to jobs of interest, one for exploring relationships with recruiters, and one for developing new networking contacts.

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