Executive Career Coaching

When you’re standing in the middle of your career but are not sure what your next career or executive role should be, you could be feeling frustrated, confused, and without the right direction. Our Executive Career Transition program answers these questions and more for executives who don’t know what’s next.

Our Executive Career Transition program offers all the support you need to successfully transition to your next executive career opportunity. We consider ourselves a healthy mix of coaching and consulting experts. This means that when we can do or write something to support your executive career transition, without question, we will. When only you can answer questions about your career goals, we’ll coach you through the process of developing the insight that works for your specific executive career transition.

We’ll walk you our proven roadmap with all the strategy and techniques you need, not to mention a rock-solid executive resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter, to make the right executive career transition.

We’ll Focus On:

  • Strategically Evaluating You, Your Career, and Your Aspirations: Choosing your direction and career target, and helping you build the network you need to achieve it.
  • Developing Your Messaging and Marketing Strategy: Writing your executive resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter.
  • Taking Action on Your Executive Job Search: Determining your effective interview strategy—answering tough questions, taking your job search to the point of offers, negotiating your best salary and compensation, and more.