Simplify Your Tough Transition Decisions with Expert Executive Outplacement Services

Transition Decisions Executive Outplacement Services prepares your terminated executives for their future careers and minimizes your exposure to costly legal action and unemployment fees. When you provide Transition Decisions Outplacement Services to your exiting executives, we consult with them immediately to coach them through the transition process. We work with them over the long term to mitigate their grief and frustration while actively placing them on confident paths to new careers.


Outplacement Is Essential to Your Complete Corporate Turnaround

Put Transition Decisions to work at the same time that you announce your reduction-in-force for your larger teams and your executives. Providing expert outplacement services to your executive team and your terminated employees places them on their own path to success, so you can focus on your turnaround, private equity placement, or corporate sale to new owners.

Outplacement Is Part of Your Risk Protection

Your company might be planning a purchase by private equity or some other entity. The sale is only the beginning–this life-giving turnaround puts your company on the path to future growth and success. However, some of your team might not be the right executives to lead this charge to serve the company’s new mission. These terminated executives and their teams must receive, as part of their severance, an experienced career transition program that can catapult them into roles in which they will be successful. Your corporate risk exposure is thus minimized by your clear demonstration of support for these employees’ future success.

Outplacement Is for Executives Facing Difficult Market Realities

Turnarounds and executive team changes revitalize your company. They also force tough choices about who stays and who goes in the wake of private equity placements, executive team changes, and corporate sales. Ensure that your outgoing executive team has the best strategic career support, so they can exit your company gracefully and create effective future career paths.