Hello! Welcome to Lesson 0: How to Save Your Data

**Please do not skip this material**

Before you work through the information-gathering materials, we want to give you a quick overview about the way the interface works.

For each lesson, you’ll be presented with questions and spaces to answer those questions.

However, one of the key things to remember is that you must remember to click “Save and Continue” multiple times while you are filling out your answers.

The “Save and Continue” button does two things:

  1. The first time you click that button, you will be presented with a box on the screen that gives you a place to put your email, so you can receive the link that encodes all of the information you have typed
  2. It saves all of the text (and other inputs) you have typed since the last time you saved

How to “Save and Continue”

Each lesson contains a number of places you are to enter data. At the bottom of each screen, next to the “Submit” button, is the “Save and Continue” link. This is a screenshot of the first lesson, with the “Submit” and “Save and Continue” link at the bottom. Each lesson has the same button and link. Let’s look at the “Save and Continue” (highlighted below in yellow) first.

When you click that “Save and Continue,” it will look as though nothing has happened, but this is not the case.

After You Click Save and Continue, There is One More Step

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

You will see the following:

Here, you should enter your email address and click “Send Link.”

Doing so will send you the link that is listed in this frame. You can copy and paste that link into a Word document to save it, too. This link encodes all of your data saved so far from this lesson (each lesson will have its own link). You can see your saved data when you are logged in (as you are right now), but without clicking that link, the form will be fresh and empty.

Special Note

You should click the “Save and Continue” link multiple times, but you can use the same link throughout your work for that lesson, until you click “Submit.” If you start the lesson over, you’ll need to redo these steps to get a new link.

If You Can’t Find the Link

If you lose the link or skip the above, message us and we’ll recover the link for you.

Clicking Save

When you are done with the lesson, then click “Save.” You and we will receive a copy of your completed materials.

If you return to the Lesson after you click “Save,” the form will appear blank, but we each will have your full response in our inboxes

Practice Here

Try out the “Save and Continue” here. First, click the link. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the place to type your email. Feel free to “Submit” to see what a completed lesson might look like in your inbox. Don’t forget to check your spam if you don’t see it right away.

Please log into your account to see this tutorial.