Keylock SMB Marketing

Bringing your small or medium-sized business (SMB) to life on LinkedIn

Keylock is dedicated to uplifting and amplifying your company profile and related messaging on LinkedIn in a space few SMBs have the bandwidth to succeed alone (and few large social media agencies have the vision to serve).

Win New Business with a Smart Company LinkedIn Strategy

If the time is right to educate your ideal client about the overlap between what your business does and their compelling need, then Keylock will bridge that gap for you. We’ll combine your message and your mission into a suite of ROI-focused assets your ideal clients will be unable to ignore.

Choose Keylock for Expertise

We are your partners. Fully committed to the industry, we have won awards, mentored other industry professionals, and developed a unique and powerful collaborative approach. We have 40+ years’ combined global experience writing and designing top-shelf content for C-suite executives, their leadership, and their companies. Our collaboration is unique (ask us why–we love to tell our origin story!), and we celebrate our clients’ wins every day.

How Keylock Succeeds for You

We custom-craft superior content and graphics (no outsourcing, automation, or AI-driven drivel here). We give you the benefit of our unmatched expertise in using LinkedIn as a marketing tool to showcase your business the way that audiences want to learn about you.

Bringing to you the best we have, you will showcase the best you have to the entire LinkedIn community.

Are You Ready for Keylock?

However not every SMB is right for Keylock’s approach.You must be ready to trust us and embrace your growth. You also must be ready to engage with your ideal audience with custom content and best, authentic practices. 

To explore whether you are ready to apply for Keylock’s custom services, you’re welcome to request a personal meeting here: