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Career Mapping

Career Mapping: January 18th, 1-3 pm Sandy Library

Presented to the Salt Lake City Job Club by Mary Cosgrove of What’s Working Well ™

Course description:

NLP describes the way we look at the world as Frames. Frames are important; a frame helps us make sense of the world. However a frame can also confine our vision to seeing the “truth”. When information or opportunities show up that don’t fit into our frame we often don’t see them or dismiss them.

Since our frames are made up (of experiences, thoughts, teachings, beliefs etc.) why not make up a wonderfully positive frame as you create your year. Creating a map provides a way to set intentions and provides you a frame for your future.

Intentions are different than goals, they provide:
Direction not destinations

I’m inviting your creative artist archetype to take charge. Your judge and rationale self should take a vacation. Bring an open mind and the willingness to let you subconscious brain take the lead.

Look through the magazines, pictures books, draw. Clip out pictures and words that resonate. What delights you? What words speak to you? Don’t judge. Spend some time on this. Bring pictures of yourself, photos of objects, buildings whatever you want. The theme is career however I know for sure the maps will provide clues to other parts of your life.

I provide boards and other crafty material. You are encouraged to bring stickers or other special craft items you wish. We will assemble our boards and take the last 45 min to share and ask for feedback.