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Salt Lake City Job Club Presentation: “Re-Think Your Resume: 10 Tips for Jobseekers”

On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting “Re-Think Your Resume: 10 Tips for Jobseekers” to the Salt Lake City Job Club, sponsored by recruiter and job coach extraordinaire Mary Cosgrove, owner and principal of What’s Working Well.

I spoke for about an hour to a lovely group of job seekers from a variety of industries on a variety of tips and tricks that they can use to improve their resumes. The topics I addressed ranged from methods to promote the first third of the first page to overall presentation and design. The handout I provided, Words You Can’t Use in a Resume, detailed my favorite resume words—and my least favorite.  I received many insightful comments from the audience as well, especially from the HR professionals attending at Mary’s request.

She invited additional these HR experts to join me in a round-robin critique of the participants’ resumes. So for about an hour, I had the opportunity to meet so many Job Club members one-on-one.

It is my hope that my comments informed the processes that these job seekers are experiencing; they should all know they are more than welcome to use me as a sounding board at any time.

Many thanks to this wonderful group and to Mary Cosgrove for this terrific opportunity.