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The Five Strengths Executive Resume Writing Journey

Salt Lake City Resume Writing Services, Real or Fake? You might be wondering, too, because a quick search of resume writers in general, or Salt Lake City resume writing services specifically, reveals that many services located outside of Utah say they are “Salt Lake City expert resume writers” in our home city, if not our home state. I’ve been receiving calls about fake reviews–executive resume writing services that are not in Salt Lake City, so I wanted to tell my resume writing company’s story.

My name is Amy L. Adler, and I’m an executive resume writer located right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been writing resumes professionally for more than a decade. This is my resume writing journey, all from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

A Brief History of this Salt Lake City Resume Writing Service

2009: My First Professional Resume Leads to My Professional Writing Service

Back in the day, I had a friend who was truly an amazing sales professional. In fact, she’s still my friend, and she’s still an incredible business development expert. At that time, she was preparing to get an interview at a company she’d been eyeing, but she didn’t know a lot about resume writing. I had been writing and editing professionally for about 20 years at that time, so she asked for a little help. Long story short, she got the interview—and the job offer.

Photo of Amy L. Adler, Salt Lake City Resume Writing Service

Amy L. Adler, President of Five Strengths, Premier Salt Lake City Resume Writing Service

As a resume writer, I was on my way to the best career change of my life. Resume writing, particularly executive resume writing, was a perfect blend of my prior experience as an editorial manager and my Boston College MBA. So Salt Lake City became the headquarters of my resume writing and job search strategy business, which ultimately became known as Five Strengths Career Transition Experts.

2010: My First Resume Writing Certification, Certified Advanced Resume Writer

At the urging of some colleagues, I determined to earn certification in the resume writing industry. I chose to certify through Career Directors International. As I mentioned, I had already graduated from business school, itself a grueling process, but I was unprepared for the rigor of the resume writing certification process. Putting everything I had into my exams and resume reviews, I earned the designation of Certified Advanced Resume Writer within 6 months of entering the industry.

2011: My First Resume Writing and Careers Industry Conference

Having chosen Career Directors International for my certifying body, I was extremely excited to go to the organization’s annual conference. There was so much to absorb, and so many colleagues to meet, many of whom are still among my best friends. This experience set me on a course to volunteer extensively with CDI over many of the following years, culminating, as I describe below, in serving as a judge in the TORI (Toast of the Resume Industry) annual international resume competition. I remember coming home from that conference and just counting the days until the following year’s conference, which I also attended. And I attended the year after that as well.

2012: My First TORI Win–#1 in the World for Best Executive Resume

TORI Award #1 Best Executive Resume, Salt Lake City Resume Writing ServiceI had entered the TORIs for a few years, but never earned so much as a nomination. The story of how I found out my executive resume was voted #1 in the world that year still gives me a chuckle. As it happened, I knew that the winners’ list was coming out at some point, but I wasn’t totally focused on it. Since I’d been volunteering with CDI for a while, I wasn’t particularly startled when the name of Laura DeCarlo, president of the membership organization, showed up on my caller ID. Her first words to me after my cheery “Hello” were: “Did you see it?” I had no idea what she was talking about, but she was calling me personally to let me know that I had won first place in the category with the stiffest competition. My business shifted overnight, and you can see this award-winning resume on my website.

2013: My Second TORI Nominations, and My Second Win–#3 in the World for Best Executive Resume

TORI Award Winner, Salt Lake City Resume Writing ServiceI was on a roll, and my business was growing daily. I took another chance on success and entered the TORIs again. This time, I earned 2 nominations and another top-5 award, also for Best Executive Resume. Check these award-winning resumes out here and here.

Also in 2013, I presented at the national conference for Career Thought Leaders, another of the industry’s major organization.

2014: Earning the Certified Master Resume Writer Designation

Certified Master Resume Writer, Salt Lake City, Resume Writing ServiceHaving won a few TORIs, I once again put my skills to the test in a portfolio and essay evaluation that earned me the coveted (and relatively rare—there are fewer than 50 worldwide) designation of Certified Master Resume Writer with CDI. I renewed this credential in 2017 with another portfolio assessment, and I will do so again in 2020.

2015 to Present: Invitations to Judge in the TORIs

Because of my successes in the TORI competition, I was invited to judge. Obviously, that meant I couldn’t compete, but I promise you that entering the competition is way easier than judging. Having been the recipient of that life- and business-changing win, I understood the gravitas of winning. Needless to say, I took the process extremely seriously, and I’m proud to have been invited every year since to serve on the judging committee. However, it means I won’t be permitted to compete until I step off the committee.

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2017: Presenting at The National Resume Writers’ Association Annual Conference

Because I love to present to large audiences, I earned the opportunity to present to The National Resume Writers’ Association (Chicago, IL) on the topic of business process automation.

2018: Launching The Job Search Podcast

Pushing myself way outside my comfort zone, I initiated The Job Search Podcast. Each of the 60+ episodes focuses on a bite-sized bit of job search wisdom.

This podcast enjoys several thousand downloads every month, and I’m thrilled when listeners call me to tell me they’ve been plowing through every episode. I’m always surprised when they are surprised that I answered the phone. It seems I am a minor celebrity! That having been said, I always answer my phone, and I will when you call me, too–(801) 810-5627 goes directly to my office.

2018 to Present: “Ask the Expert” Contributor, The National Resume Writers’ Association

Ask The Experts Contributor Badge, Salt Lake City Resume Writing ServiceBoth as a featured respondent and as a member of the production committee for Ask the Experts, I volunteer monthly to promote this crowdsourcing program from The National Resume Writers’ Association. Of note, I’m a WordPress specialist for the project, not a judge (ask me how much I love WordPress!).

2019: Launching This Is How I Hire Podcast

Challenging myself further, I am currently several episodes into this interview-based podcast on executive hiring practices. Visit ThisIsHowIHire.com to tune in. I’m always looking for guests, so please connect with me if you are open to an interview!

What’s Next for an Award-Winning Salt Lake City Resume Writing Service?

More of the same, I hope. More working with stellar executive clients, more working with my crack resume writing team, and more presentations to industry and corporate groups.

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Salt Lake City Resume Writing Services

Five Strengths Career Transition Experts

What People Say about the Best Salt Lake City Resume Writing Service

“You are truly brilliant at what you do. I could never do anything like this, outside of my wheelhouse. You have a talent (as with making music) that I can never truly understand or fully appreciate. My role in review and editing is natural and expected and essential because I am literally inside this world. You are the best partner/coach/writer I could ever ask for.”

–E.A., Healthcare Executive

“My first impression was ‘wow, I’m good!’  My second thought was ‘Wow, Amy is good!’  You really know what you are doing.”

— M.S., Director of Operations, Financial Services

“You are simply amazing!  Thank you for the time and effort you put into my resume and LinkedIn profile; I am extremely satisfied. I’m grateful to have such talented people like you in my life.”

–K.T., COO/President, Kaysville, UT

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