Troubleshooting Logging In

As you work through your career profile, you might discover that the site says you’re logged in, but you cannot access any of the materials, even if you were able to do so before.

I appreciate your frustration, so please follow these instructions to get back into your profile.

This is a known problem on the developer side, and it’s fully an issue within individual browsers, not the website.

Therefore, please do these in this exact order:

1. Log out of your profile.

2. Clear your browser’s cookies:

Chrome users:

Safari users:

There are many other browsers, so you might have to search for your browser + “clear cookies” for proper instructions.

3. Exit all instances of your browser. You might have to go into your computer’s Task Manager (or equivalent) and manually end all browser processes.

4. Re-open your browser.

5. Log back into the website

6. To get back to your program visit the link you received in your email

This is the only solution that works, as this is, again, a browser-side issue.